Available plays

I have a number of completed, performed plays that are available, including 10 complete original nativity plays, 2 plays for schools and a play for Easter Week called “Voices of Passion”. Below in details are 2 full length plays that I’ve written and produced.

“Through the Wardrobe Door – the life of C S Lewis” is a two hour drama with a cast of 26. It tells the life story of Clive Staples Lewis using extracts from the Narnia books. Holy Trinity Church, Headington Quarry commissioned me to write this and it was performed in October 2013 at the church as part of a 4 day celebration of the life of C S Lewis, who attend Holy Trinity Church and is buried in the graveyard.

“Through the Wardrobe Door” finds remarkable and original correspondence between C S Lewis’ life and the Narnia tales and as the different strands are woven together they illuminate one another. Lewis’ life experience casts a white light of hard won truth onto Narnia giving the stories depth, while Narnia acts as a prism, throwing back the rainbow of colours that make up the longings locked in Lewis’ heart. The script is mostly constructed from Lewis’ own words, taken from his books, letters and sermons.

Did you know that at one point in our British history, the bible was banned in English… by the Church…

This is the story of a man who, under the noses of the combined powers of the church and crown, translated, printed and smuggled the Bible into England …..It is on this man’s translation that the King James Bible depends. His name? William Tyndale.

This play is fast moving, funny, tragic, informative and thought provoking. From dinner scenes to smuggling, from papal palaces to shipwrecks, we cover the bizarre life of a man who Melvyn Bragg has described as ‘a scholar of extraordinary genius’ and who Bragg ranks with Shakespeare in his influence on the English Language.

The story is set in the 16th century but some of the questions remain the same… How do we deal with people who appear to have worrying or even dangerous interpretations of the bible? Burn them? Or should we just ‘Burn the Book’?

This is a one hour drama performed by a cast of 4 covering multiple roles. It was commissioned by Modern Church and performed at their Annual Conference in July 2011, then performed at All Saints Church, Lime Walk, Headington, in September 2011 and again at St Martin’s Church, West Acton in November 2011

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