A Coronation – Bright and Beautiful?

The church crowns, The king reigns. Not my god. Not my king.

The church crowns, 

The king reigns,

eton and oxford alumni rule.

Peaceful protesters arrested.

A stain

On a perfect day of rain.

God save the king.

The god who puts 

‘the rich man in his castle,

The poor man at his gate’.

The god who makes us ‘high and lowly

And orders our estate.’*

Ho hum.  No change then.

No historic occasion,

just business as usual.

Not my god.  Not my king.

Ho hum. Let’s stop and sing a pretty song

about how anyone can become whatever they want,

if they work hard enough.

*From 3rd verse from ‘All things Bright and Beautiful’  written in 1848 in Mrs Cecil Alexander's Hymns for Little Children

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